Why did financial institutions support giving

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 The Speed 2 filmmakers even make a joke about cruise insurance for the innocent bystanders.Have you ever felt sorry for the innocent bystanders in Tilting pad journal bearing manufacturers an action film? The crashes and explosions in a film such as Speed 2: Cruise Control can serve as a reminder that things can go wrong on holiday. When Alex commandeers a $150,000 boat from the hapless Tune Man, (the same guy that had his Jaguar smashed in the first Speed film) Tune Man looks disgruntled and mutters something about the insurance

  Why did financial institutions support giving subprime mortgages? Prior the crisis, government policies and competitive pressures had encouraged higher risk lending practices.S. Those involved in MBS and CDOs can also insure against credit risk by buying credit defaults swaps (CDS) which guarantees that the bond principal and interest would be paid in full.
  The main cause of the mortgage crisis is the subprime mortgage. This is a huge amount and has a bearing on the economy the subprime market share of the United States GDP is 9 . This made refinancing a mortgage difficult, resulting to an increase in defaults and foreclosures. But that is not the case, sometime in 2006 to 2007, interest rates started to increase and housing prices started to drop.
  These are called mortgage backed securities (MBS) and collateralized debt obligations (CDO)
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