Verify the position of all timing marks

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Check the area around the belt for signs of oil or other fluid leakage at seals, cam cover and oil pan. Many used engines have a dot or index line on the pulleys or sprockets that must be lined up with corresponding marks on the block, cylinder head, or accessory shaft. Proper timing belt tension is essential. Some vehicles will take somewhat longer, especially for thrust bearing manufacturers a V-6 used engine. This is very important if you're replacing a timing belt that has broken. Start the engine and verify proper operation. Drain Pan
Loosen the bolt(s) holding the timing belt tensioner and allow it to contact the belt. Replace them if any damage is found. Some vehicles may require a special tool to reach tensioner mounting bolts hidden by components such as motor mounts.
However, most engines have a spring-loaded tensioner that can be operated using common tools in the following manner. Check for proper alignment of the crank and camshaft timing marks.
Reinstall the components and drive belts that were removed to gain access to the timing cover. Loosen the timing belt tensioner. Remove the bolts or screws holding the timing cover in place, and lift the cover off the engine. Some engines have a two-piece timing cover. This could cause engine damage on an "interference" design engine.
Verify the distributor rotor is aligned with the index mark on the distributor housing indicating the rotor is in position to fire the number one cylinder. Examine the tensioner pulley for damage such as dents or cracks.
Verify the position of all timing marks. Pry the tensioner away from the belt and then retighten the mounting bolt(s)to hold the tensioner in the loose position.
Disconnecting the negative battery cable. Using a wrench on the crankshaft bolt rotate the engine until the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley is aligned with the 0° mark on the timing scale.00. Combination Wrenches
Slide the new timing belt into position on the sprockets. Some engines require a special tool to release a spring-loaded timing belt tensioner.
Timing belts that have been used for a long time may stick in the pulley grooves and require some gentle prying with a screwdriver to release. Timing Belt Cover Gasket Set
If the belt won't slide easily check to make sure the belt tensioner is fully released. Jack stands

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