To maintain that traditional look

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  Where once you had to enclose your design, now you can design walls without limitations
  Don't put glass blocks in areas where they will be required to support part of your home's structure. Most acrylic blocks are preassembled with synthetic rubber caulk in aluminum or vinyl frames, and their lighter weight and greater flexibility in the manufacturing process results in a wide variety of shapes and custom configurations - triangles, half-rounds, octagons, and other interesting possibilities. And with a host of exciting new products, colors, shapes and custom configurations, applications are limited only by your imagination. It's a process that usually takes an experienced installer and can be a costly upgrade but is a beautiful addition to any style home.
  With normal use, scratching isn't a problem with acrylic block.
  Curved and Specialty Glass Block
  Curved blocks are now available to provide unlimited possibilities for curved glass block construction. Its beautiful, strong, sound-deadening, thermal insulating, good security and fire protection, and allows natural light to enter while still giving privacy. Rinse well with water. Window sizes range from a single block usually eight inches square or rectangular up to approximately four by seven feet.Glass and acrylic block offer a unique, yet practical way to enhance most any home.
  To save money and the mess of building glass walls on the construction site, most manufacturers now offer pre-assembled blocks which are set into a frame that are delivered to the job site and installed as a single unit like a conventional window
  To maintain that traditional look you can still get pre-assembled window units that utilize actual glass blocks set with mortar.
  Traditionally, glass blocks are set like bricks or concrete one block at a time in carefully constructed rows. Each individual block is set in mortar, and then the mortar is struck off as it dries to form clean joints.
  How long does it take to get a glass block window?

  Depending on your location and particular manufacture, you will usually receive your windows in about two to four weeks. Vinyl-wrapped aluminum frames are also available. Acrylic blocks, silicone grouts, preassembled window units, and even operable block windows make it more affordable tilting pad bearing to use. The window uses glass blocks grouted with silicone for flexibility, set into a common frame with an operable awning window which can be placed above, below, or even in the center of the block assembly.

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